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@tardigrader a lesson I need to remind myself of often. My ex had me believing I was worthless if I wasn't useful.

@SorrelGillespie @tardigrader I'm sorry to hear that. But also: that person's your ex now. 😉 So... Rise up! Do good stuff! Take care!

@vertigo @tardigrader I guess it depends on one's mindset. We get tricked into believing one's worth is to be measured by whatever company one's working for. In reality no one but you truly knows your worth to the world. Take care!

@tardigrader it is of course determined by the market price of your organs on the Shenzen black market

@tardigrader you also have to factor in your life expectancy and whether or not you can expect an inheritance.


first person to get an actual coffee pot, mount it on a background, fill it with coffee-colored resin, wait for that resin to harden, and then paint the words on the background and the pot has basically done what I am incapable of due to lack of artistic capability

and they've done something awesome that will meme so hard